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Mark Benzinger

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Eureka, CA 95502


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Mercer-Fraser Company
is seeking qualified DBEs, MBEs, WBEs, SBEss

Project Name

Drinking Water Infrastructure Improvements

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

City of Rio Dell

Project Location

Rio Dell, Humboldt County, CA

Bid Date

04/18/2024 at 14:00

Project Details

Construction Staking, Traffic Control, Water Pollution Control Plan, Hazardous Material Abatement, Trucking, Reinforcing Steel, Pipe and Appurtenances Supply, Electrical, BMP Materials

Mercer-Fraser Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is signatory with the Operating Engineers, Laborers, Carpenters and Teamsters Unions. Plans and specifications for this project are available to review upon request, please call (707) 443-6371 or e-mail info@mercerfraser.com. Mercer-Fraser Company will negotiate in Good Faith with all prospective subcontractors and suppliers for this project. Assistance may be provided to obtain bonding, lines of credit, insurance, necessary equipment, supplies and materials. Mercer-Fraser Company will break up items into economically feasible packages to encourage minority participation. Scope letters (including subcontractor conditions or exceptions) should be received 24 hours prior to bid time to allow for proper evaluation and review. 100% performance and payment bonds may be required for the full amount of subcontract price by an admitted surety and subject to approval by Mercer-Fraser Company. Mercer-Fraser Company will pay for bond premium up to 1.5%. Subcontractors must possess a current applicable Contractors license, DIR number, insurance and workers compensation coverage meeting Mercer-Fraser Company minimum requirements during the entire length on the contract, and will be required to sign the standard Mercer-Fraser Company Subcontract Agreement and provide a waiver of subrogation. A copy of the insurance requirements and subcontract agreement can be obtained by contacting our office.

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