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Ragnar Benson LLC
is seeking qualified DBEss

Project Name

Avenue 44 Bridge at the Coachella Valley Storm Water Channel Project

Bid/Contract #

Federal Project No. BRLKS-5275(024) | City Project No. BR1101

Awarding Agency

City of Indio

Project Location

Indio, Riverside County, CA

Bid Date

04/11/2024 at 03:00

Project Details

Ragnar Benson, LLC is seeking proposals for constructing a Replacement Bridge crossing the Coachella Valley Storm Water Channel (CVSWC) that was washed out by Tropical Storm Hilary. The Project is located along Avenue 44 between Palo Verde Street and Aztec Street in the City of Indio, California, in Riverside County.

Work items include, but in not limited to: Curb/gutter, sidewalk, and driveway approaches (Flat Work), Concrete slope protection with access ramps, Concrete grade control structure, Grading, Trucking, Hydroseeding, Asphalt, Stone base, Slurry seal, Electric: Bridge lighting, Chain link fence - Gates, New storm drains with outlets into the CVSWC, catch basins (Drainage), Dry wells, Erosion Control, Signing, Striping, Testing, Surveying, Traffic Control, Sweeping, SWPPP and Environmental Monitoring, Shaft Drilling, Rebar Supply and Erection, Structural Concrete, Demo Sawing, Joint Sealing, Metal Railing, Utilities: Water, Gas, & Communication

Ragnar Benson is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is seeking qualified Subcontractors & vendors and certified DBE for subcontracting and vendor opportunities. The utmost consideration will be given to dividing total requirements into smaller activities or quantities, which will permit maximum participation where feasible. Subcontracts will be awarded based on price and ability to perform work.

Bid Documents: Please base your bid proposals on the available documents and provide separate clarifications for any work that does not appear to be included in the documents but is necessary for a complete project. All bid documents are available to view on the City’s Website:
https://www.indio.org/business/request_for_proposals_(rfps)/notice_of_inviting_bids.htm or Planet Bids: https://pbsystem.planetbids.com/portal/32404/portal-home

Please reference Ragnar Benson’s estimate number 24-181 with all correspondence and proposals.

Please follow the link below to access our prequalification form and return as soon as possible prior to submitting your proposal. Subcontractor company information MUST BE PROVIDED for your proposal to be considered. If you have already completed this form within the past 18 months, please disregard.


Proposals Are Requested on Tuesday, April 9nd 2024 by 3:00 PM (PST). Proposal submittal is needed at least 24 hours prior to our bid submittal to the City of Indio on Thursday, April 11th 2024 to allow for final bid preparation.

Proposal Submittals: SUBMIT ALL PROPOSALS TO bids@rbic.com or fax to (815) 654-4736

Assistance with Prequalification:
Julie Amans, Estimating Coordinator
Phone: (815) 963-7450 Email: Julie.Amans@williamcharles.com

General Project Questions and Inquiries:
Alex Occhipinti, Lead Estimator
Phone: (815) 668-4237 Email: Alex.Occhipinti@williamcharles.com

Contractor License: A valid California Contractor License is required to bid this project. Please list your contractor license number on your proposal along with your Public Works Contractor Registration Number.

Bond: Please include a separate cost on your proposal for the total value or rate for providing a Payment and Performance Bond.

For assistance with obtaining plans and specifications, bonding, lines of credit, insurance, obtaining equipment, supplies, or related assistance or services, please contact our estimating department.

Ragnar Benson is signatory to the unions.

Prevailing wages are required on this Contract. Obtain the wage rates at the DIR website, http://www.dir.ca.gov, or from the Department's Labor Compliance Office of the district in which the work is located.

Taxes: Project is NOT tax exempt. Please include all required taxes in your proposal.

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