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Garney Construction
is seeking qualified MBEs, WBEs, SBA MBEss

Project Name

West Triangle Pump Station & Force Main

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

Louisville MSD

Project Location

Louisville, Bullitt County, KY

Bid Date

05/28/2024 at 10:00

Project Details

Garney Construction is actively pursuing the below mentioned project and soliciting vendors and subcontractors on various scopes of work.

Project Information: The project provides for the construction of a Pump Station near West Triangle Lane in
Bullitt County. The new pump station will pump through a dual 8-inch force main to the Hillview WWTP #2, allowing for the
elimination and decommissioning of the Hunters Hollow Pump Station in Hillview, Kentucky. All work shall be done in
accordance to MSD's Standard Specifications.

Bid Date: May 28, 2024, 10:00 AM ET
Quotes Due: May 24, EOD

Garney is soliciting quotes from vendors / subcontractors for the following:
• Pipe Supply House
• Electrical
• Erosion Control
• Land Clearing
• Fencing
• Grading
• Paving
• Concrete Flat Work
• Concrete Foundation
• Trucking & Hauling
• Aggregate Supply
• Precast Concrete
• Masonry & Brick
• Concrete Ready Mix

All Contract Drawings, Specifications, and Addenda are posted on the Plan Room website seen below.

Bid Board Link:
Link: https://app.buildingconnected.com/public/547f7bd4e3bfa10500b559ad/projects/661d4ccd9c6b6a0042740902

Please fill out the requested information to access the Contract Documents.

AMENDMENTS: All amendments will be posted to the Plan Room. Please review all of the addenda to ensure that you include all modifications.

Send all quotes via email to garneynashville@garney.com or fax to 615-350-6067.

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