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Outreach Coordinator

Denise Goraleski

Project Estimator

Denise Goraleski

Contact Information

CBelow Subsurface Imaging, Inc
Fresno, CA 93727


(310) 283-7191


(951) 356-4830

CBelow Subsurface Imaging, Inc
is seeking qualified DBEs, DVBEs, SBEss

Project Name

Positive Location of Underground Utility Facilities (Potholing) Service

Bid/Contract #

IFB 06A3060

Awarding Agency

California Department of Transportation

Project Location

Various, Madera County, CA

Bid Date

06/25/2024 at 02:00

Project Details

We are Soliciting quotes for Traffic Control and / or
Heavy Equipment Rentals

As required by Executive Order S-02-06, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is
committed to meeting the State’s twenty-five percent (25%) Small Business (SB) participation goal.
Certified SBs, Micro Businesses (MB) and Contractors willing to commit to subcontracting a minimum
of twenty-five percent (25%) of their net price to certified SBs or MBs (if applicable) are encouraged
to submit bids. See Section D, Special Programs in this IFB for requirements.
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) participation applies to this IFB, and a DBE goal of
twenty-three percent (23%) is required. See Section D, Special Programs in this IFB for
This Agreement requires Prevailing Wages if the total bid amount exceeds $15,000. If the total bid
amount is under $15,000, then Prevailing Wage language will be removed prior to award. Refer to
Proposed Form of Agreement, Exhibit B for requirement details.

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