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S&L Companies
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Project Name

City of Fresno - Sound Mitigation Acoustical Remedy Treatment Program Phase 19 Bid Group 27

Bid/Contract #

Bid File No 12402284

Awarding Agency

City of Fresno

Project Location

Fresno Yosemite International Airport, Fresno County, CA

Bid Date

07/16/2024 at 03:00

Project Details

Seeking qualified subcontractors to perform the following work: Abatement/Demo, Carpentry, Window Installations, Exterior Door Installations, Drywall Installations and Finishing, Painting, Electrical Upgrades, and HVAC Mechanical Upgrades, on 57 residential units. It is subject to federal and state prevailing wage requirements, the higher of the two wage rates applies. Please refer to Davis Bacon for the appropriate determinations and the California Department of Industrial Relations for the appropriate determinations.

Plans and Specifications are available upon request or at the following link:


Bonding is NOT required.

General Liability, Workers Compensation Insurance is required. Professional and Pollution Liability Insurance is required for any hazardous material removal subcontractors as applicable.

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