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Alabama DBE Program

The program summary on this page was last updated on 03/23/2018. If any of the information or links are out-of-date, please contact us.

The Alabama Unified Certification Program (ALUCP) is a program administered by the state of Alabama that certifies businesses as Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) for the purposes of doing business with the state of Alabama. The ALUCP operates as a "one-stop shop" for these purposes and maintains a directory of all DBEs certified within Alabama. ALUCP members will contact you for an on-site interview once your application is submitted.

Does this local/state program offer reciprocal certifications with other local/state programs? As a result of federal rulemaking effective February 28, 2011, all states are required to accept DBE certification obtained in other states, unless the state finds good cause not to accept it.

Does this certification expire? Documents enumerated by the ALUCP on its home page must be submitted to the ALUCP agency which originally certified the business on a yearly basis in order to maintain certification as a DBE.

Are there multiple agencies that offer this certification in the state? The Alabama Unified Certification Program can certify a business as a DBE in the state of Alabama without the need for multiple agencies to so certify that firm. However, firms intending to perform work in highway, street, or bridge planning, design, major construction or maintenance related goods and services should send their DBE applications to ALDOT. Firms intending to perform work primarily as an Airport Concessionaire Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) for related goods and services and minor construction should send their DBE applications to Birmingham Airport Authority (BAA) or Huntsville Madison County Airport Authority (HMCAA). Firms intending to perform work primarily in consultant, transit, or minor construction related goods and services should submit their DBE applications to the agency closest to them as identified on the home page for the ALUCP.

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