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Alabama conducting 2025 Procurement Study
Published on 04/01/2024

The State of Alabama is currently in the process of conducting its 2025 Procurement Study into conditions for minority- and woman-owned business enterprises (MWBEs) in the State contracting marketplace. The study will attempt to discover if any underutilization of MWBEs in state contracting relative to their availability can be found, and, if so, will make recommendations on possible remedies for such underutilization.

The state is currently conducting a survey of business owners as part of its gathering of evidence for the study. The link may be found at the State's page for the survey (https://alabamaprocurementstudy.com/), under the subheading "Survey of Business Owners". The survey gathers information about the demographic background of the respondents and their experiences in doing, or attempting to do, business with the State. Questions about the survey or the study, as well as any other anecdotal testimony, may be directed to alabamaprocurementstudy@gspclaw.com.

Read a press release for the study at https://www.prweb.com/releases/griffin--strong-pc-is-calling-all-alabama-businesses-to-participate-in-the-procurement-study-survey-302102244.html.

Find the State's page for the study at https://alabamaprocurementstudy.com/.

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